Synopsis of mysticism, mythological cosmology & religious mythology 




The Sun is an incredible energy source.

It illuminates every square meter of the atmosphere with so much energy,

that it could light up 1300 Watt-bulbs.

Its enormous luminosity is produced through the fusion of hydrogen to helium.

We on earth are receiving only 2 billionth of the solar energy

which this gigantic reactor is producing permanently.

The energy output of the sun is, like most things in nature, cyclic,

and it's supposed to be in the middle of a period of relative stability.

There has been global warming over the past decades

but it is also related to sunspot activity on the sun,

not just carbon dioxide emissions. 


Wuji can be interpreted as an undifferentiated state of the universe

that portrays pure potentiality, yet doesn't contain differentiated objects,

and both is the origin of all objects.

Wuji therefore refers to a formless primordial cause where everything returns to.

It is invisible, absolute, limitless, featureless, and inconceivable.

In its undifferentiated absoluteness the non-highest is at the same time

the highest void or emptiness that was there already before all entity.

The Wu, nothingness, goes ahead of all essent, You, as a metaphysical level

because the entity takes its beginning necessarily in nothingness.

Ultimately everything can be affiliated to Wuji: The five converting phases

water, fire, wood, metal, and earth throughout Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang are one in Taiji the souvereign.

During which Taiji is an undifferentiated structuring principle that strikes

the entirety of diverse things. Taiji is the original force of all cosmic manifestations

that stands out the voidness of Wuji. Wuji is prefixed to Taiji.

Taiji is rooted in Wuji, the peak of nothingness."Wuji er Taiji" is the thought of unity in

eternally changing diversity, the indivisible One in its changing differentiation.

The term is attributed to Dao Deching and has a systematically central function with Zhou Dunyi.

Wuji er Taiji can be translated as Wuji "and both" Taiji in the sense of an additive ranking.

The particle "er" can be conveyed contrastively with "but also" at the same time.

Von der Gabelentz translated Wuji er Taiji with:

"Without principle, in the course of primary principle". This equating follows from

Zhu Xis' interpretation that regards Wuji and Taiji as two aspects of the one Li

(the absolute as the principle of the cosmic order, a universal structure of order).

Taiji has its roots in Wuji and at the same time the absolute truth of Wuji and

the essence of both archetypes unify from which Yin and Yang come into being.

Wuji er Taiji is theground line of the universe. But it also has an ethical dimension

because it is both the reason for the good in being.

The human spirit as well is structured through Taiji rooted in Wuji.

Unity and difference are therefore not just cosmological but also epistemological principles.

This correspondence of human spirit and world in rem is the precondition for

the highest insight: "When the learning consists only of the foundation that the

structuring principles are already in the realization and go to extremes with it

then one day he will suddenly experience perfect saturation which lights up

completely the full structure and function of human spirit." – Zhu Xi, "Sishu Jizhu"

On the level of this highest insight man gains access to humanity,

sense of duty, rituality, fidelity, and wisdom.

Dualism of unity and difference finds its abolition in moral action.

"Mythological cosmology", also religious cosmology,

is a way of explaining the origin, the history and the evolution

of the universe based on the religious mythology of a specific tradition.

Religious cosmologies usually an act or

process of creation by a deity or a larger pantheon.


In Buddhism, the universe comes into existence

dependent upon the actions (karma) of its inhabitants.

Buddhists posit neither an ultimate beginning or final end to the universe,

but see the universe as something in flux, passing in and out of existence,

parallel to an infinite number of other universes doing the same thing.

The Buddhist universe consists of a large number of worlds

which correspond to different mental states, including

passive states of trance, passionless states of purity, and lower states of desire, anger, and fear.

The beings in these worlds are all coming into existence or being born,

and passing out of existence into other states, or dying.

A world comes into existence when the first being in it is born,

and ceases to exist, as such, when the last being in it dies.

The universe of these worlds also is born and dies,

with the death of the last being preceding a universal conflagration

that destroys the physical structure of the worlds;

then, after an interval, beings begin to be born again and

the universe is once again built up. Other universes, however, also exist,

and there are higher planes of existence which are never destroyed,

though beings that live in them also come into and pass out of existence.

As well as a model of universal origins and destruction,

Buddhist cosmology also functions as a model of the mind,

with its thoughts coming into existence based on preceding thoughts,

and being transformed into other thoughts and other states.


The main Judeo-Christian religious text, the Bible, opens with the story of creation.

The first two chapters of the Book of Genesis describe the creation of heaven and earth by God

(called both Elohim and YHWH) in six successive days. It is a tenet of Christian faith

(Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) that God is the creator

of all things from nothing, and has made human beings in

the Image of God, who by direct inference is also the source of the human soul.

In Chalcedonian Christology, Jesus is the Word of God,

which was in the beginning and, thus, is uncreated,

and hence is God, and consequently identical with the Creator of the world ex nihilo.

The New Testament claims that God created everything by

the eternal Word, Jesus Christ his beloved Son.

In him "all things were created, in heaven and on earth. all things were created through him and for him.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

The Hindu cosmology and timeline is the closest to

modern scientific timelines and even more

which might indicate that the Big Bang is not the beginning

of everything but just the start of the present cycle

preceded by an infinite number of universes and

to be followed by another infinite number of universes.

The Rig Veda questions the origin of the cosmos in:

"Neither being (sat) nor non-being was as yet.

What was concealed? And where? And in whose protection?

Who really knows? Who can declare it? Whence was it born,

and whence came this creation? The devas were born later

than this world's creation, so who knows from where it came into existence?

None can know from where creation has arisen,

and whether he has or has not produced it.

He who surveys it in the highest heavens, he alone knows

- or perhaps does not know." (Rig Veda 10:129)

The Rig Veda's view of the cosmos also sees one

true divine principle self-projecting as the divine word,

Vaak, 'birthing' the cosmos that we know,

from the monistic Hiranyagarbha or Golden Womb.

The Hiranyagarbha is alternatively viewed as Brahma,

the creator who was in turn created by God, or as God (Brahman) himself.

The universe is considered to constantly expand since

creation and disappear into a thin haze after billions of years.

An alternate view is that the universe begins to

contract after reaching its maximum expansion limits

until it disappears into a fraction of a millimeter.

The creation begins anew after billions of years (Solar years) of non-existence.

The puranic view asserts that the universe is created,

destroyed, and re-created in an eternally repetitive series of cycles.

In Hindu cosmology, a universe endures for about

4,320,000,000 years (one day of Brahma, the creator or kalpa)

and is then destroyed by fire or water elements.

At this point, Brahma rests for one night, just as long as the day.

This process, named pralaya (Cataclysm),

repeats for 100 Brahma years (311 trillion human years)

that represents Brahma's lifespan.

It must be noted that Brahma is the creator but not necessarily regarded as God in Hinduism.

He is mostly regarded as a creation of God / Brahman.

We are currently believed to be in the 51st year of

the present Brahma and so about 155 trillion years

have elapsed since He was born as Brahma.

After Brahma's "death", it is necessary that another 100 Brahma years pass

until he is reborn and the whole creation begins anew.

This process is repeated again and again, forever.

Brahma's day is divided in one thousand cycles (Maha Yuga, or the Great Year).

Maha Yuga, during which life, including the human race

appears and then disappears, has 71 divisions,

each made of 14 Manvantara (1000) years.

Each Maha Yuga lasts for 4,320,000 years. Manvantara is Manu's cycle,

the one who gives birth and governs the human race.

Each Maha Yuga consists of a series of four shorter yugas, or ages.

The yugas get progressively worse from a moral point

of view as one proceeds from one yuga to another.

As a result, each yuga is of shorter duration than the age that preceded it.

The current Kali Yuga (Iron Age) began at midnight 17 February

/ 18 February in 3102 BC in the proleptic Julian calendar.

Space and time are considered to be Maya (illusion).

What looks like 100 years in the cosmos of Brahma

could be thousands of years in other worlds,

millions of years in some other worlds and 311 trillion

and 40 billion years for our solar system and earth.

Islam preaches that God, or Allah, created the universe,

including Earth's physical environment and human beings.

"The highest goal is to visualize the cosmos as a book

of symbols for meditation and contemplation for

spiritual upliftment or as a prison from which the human soul must escape

to attain true freedom in the spiritual journey to God."

Islam elaborates on cosmology in many instances.

The Quran in the following terms describes the expansion of the universe,

"We have built the heaven with might,

and We are Steadily Expanding it." (Quran 51:47)

Jain cosmology considers the loka, or universe,

as an uncreated entity, existing since infinity, having no beginning or an end.

Jain texts describe the shape of the universe as

similar to a man standing with legs apart and arm resting on his waist.

This Universe, according to Jainism, is narrow at the top,

broad at the middle and once again becomes broad at the bottom.

The cosmology of Daoism beliefs is a complex mixture of different beliefs.

There is a "primordial universe" Wuji (philosophy), and Hongjun Laozu, water or Qi.

It transformed into Taiji and multiplied into everything.

The Pangu legend tells a formless chaos coalesced into a cosmic egg.

Pangu emerged and separated Yin from Yang,

creating the Earth (murky Yin) and the Sky (clear Yang).


When life has reached its highpoint through the mineral kingdom, to the planet kingdom

over the animal kingdom the serpants of wisdom, the even then perfect angels,

have descended in purpose to provide man his higher, internal leadership.

So henceforth two voices were living in one man who felt drawn to

his higher part through the incarnation from life to life.

The "time to wake up" where every man can carry out his amalgamation with his higher part.

Literally, the Bible speaks about a garden in Eden (Gen. 2:8).

This garden forms part of the Genesis creation narrative and

theodicy of the Abrahamic religions, often being used to explain the origin of sin.

God charges Adam to tend the garden in which they live,

and specifically commands Adam not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The tree of knowledge is also known as the tree of conscience.

The tree of life symbolizes Universal Life, with it's branches reaching for the Heavens

"Father Sky" and it's buried roots, linking to "Mother Earth".

In the view of old philosopher Philon of Alexandria the rebellion has

the following meaning: There are heavenly and earthly creations

made out of clay and submitted to transience.

Adam stands for reason, Eve for sensuality, the Serpant for lust.

The rebellion against God comes into being from a disruption of regarding

common sense in which the serpant serves as a vehicle of temptation.

In Islam the driving away of Adam and Eve is also seen as a new beginning

and the Christian concept of the Fall of Man is explicitly rejected.

Here the relation between Adam and God is not interrupted with the driving from paradise.

For Muslims Adam is the first Muslim and also the first prophet of Islam.

According to Islamic tradition Adam and Eve had been exposed to different places on earth.

After their long search they met eachother again at Mount Arafat in today's Saudi-Arabia.

On Mount Arafat Muhammad held his farewell sermon in 632.

The Book of Revelation identified Genesis' Serpent

as Satan and in the process redefined the Hebrew Bible's

concept of Satan ("the Adversary", a member of the Heavenly

Court acting on behalf of Yahweh to test Job's faith),

so that Satan/Serpent became a part of a divine plan

stretching from Creation to Christ and the Second Coming.

The Second Book of Enoch states that both Paradise and Hell

are accommodated in the third sphere of heaven, Shehaqim,

with Hell being located simply " on the northern side".

In each of the seven heavens or spheres one of the seven known planets

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is moving.

The seventh vault, so the seventh heaven, is an area which takes out

the world with all its planets, stars, moons and suns against nothingness.

The ancient world knew seven celestial spheres - also called seven heavens.

The material world ended behind the last visible planet Saturn,

the custodian of the threshold, and only the invisible spiritual world arrived,

the world of fantasy, wishes and dreams.

Just as like in the Talmud the idea of the seven heavens is also included in the Quran.

The seven heavens are the seven layered realms of the spiritual upper world

where generally angels and other spiritual beings

such as Paradise and Hell and the souls of the prophets exist.

The seven heavens are part of Al-Ghayb (The Unseen),

the occult or unseen universe in Islamic cosmology

as opposed to Al-Shahadah (The Seen), the universe we know.

Sunni sources record Muhammad visited each of the seven heavens on his Mi'raj.

There he met Adam, Isa and Yahya, Yusuf, Idris (considered by most scholars to be Enoch),

Harun, Musa and Ibrahim in the first to the seventh heaven in the mentioned order.

The Jewish Merkavah and Heichalot literature was devoted to

discussing the details of these heavens, sometimes in connection with traditions

relating to Enoch, such as the Third Book of Enoch.

Enoch and Elijah have been 'taken' up into the heavens and shown the Earth from above.

The Archangels Micha'el, Uri'el, Rapha'el and Gabri'el

excelling in knowledge. Enoch became Metatron. Micha'el turned to be Jesus.

Metatron 'as God’s mediator with men' may have been the angel who prevented

Abraham from sacrificing Isaac in the bible story.

It was Enoch who has told that the 354-day lunar year is reconciled to the 364-day lunar year.

The present day calendar, with all its complexities, and confusing fractions

seems to reveal a time of change in the cosmos.

But it will be replaced with the original calendar,

where the lunar year and the solar year are in balance and agreement.

And all the universe, including time, the planets, their orbits,

and the calendar itself, will once again be in harmony and order,

At the end of this age, there will be a "time of refreshing or restitution"

which would include the original calendar.

Time itself will return to its former and original order.

This suggests that once again the orbit of the earth itself

will be changed, as Isaiah implies in Isaiah 24:1,18-20.

In Hindu cosmology the Kali Yuga in India is the name of the fourth age, the Yuga.

It was the initial phase of a new era, the Kali Yuga, Dark Age, will be no more.

All the forces that have built up their power and existence on

lies and deceptions are then no longer present.

The Hopi people are the western group of Pueblo Indians, living in Arizona.

According to the Hopi prophecy, we are currently living in the fourth of seven worlds or ages.

The first world ended by fire. The second world ended by flood and ice

because the earth lost its equilibrium. The third world in a flood.

According to the legends there's a period of great revolutions

as a preparation for the entry into the fifth world.

This is characterized by the emergence of a very bright Blue Star,

companion of the Dog Star Sirius.

The covenant is one of the oldest relics, depicts the epitome or quintessence

of the power of God and was reckoned to be a guarantor for God's presence

among the people. The 10 commandments which Moses received by God

are meant to be in the drawer. It's meant to be located in the Egyptian pyramids.

Since the Babylonian invasion in Jerusalem it now lies in Ethiopia.

The Bible Code, also known as the Torah code, is a series of messages

alleged to exist within the Bible text, that when decoded form words

and phrases supposedly demonstrating foreknowledge and prophecy.

Jewish culture has a long tradition of interpretation, annotation,

and commentary regarding the Bible, including the concepts of exegesis and eisegesis.

The Bible code can be viewed as a part of this tradition,

albeit one of the more controversial parts.

An early seeker of divinely encrypted messages was Isaac Newton.

Newton made great advancements into the study of optics.

In particular he developed the spectrum by splitting white light through a prism.

Made significant improvements to the development of the telescope.

However, when his ideas were criticised by Hooke,

Newton withdrew from the public debate. He developed an antagonistic and

hostile attitude to Hooke, throughout his life. In his famous book Principa Mathematic.

Newton explained the three laws of motion that laid the framework for modern physics.

This involved explaining mechanics, gravitation, and planetary movements.

As well as being a scientist,

Newton actually spent more time investigating religious issues.

He read the Bible daily, believing it to be the word of God.

Nevertheless, he was not satisfied with the Christian interpretations of the Bible.

For example, he rejected the philosophy of the Holy Trinity,

his beliefs were closer to the Christian beliefs of Arius

- basically there was a difference between Jesus Christ and God.

Newton was fascinated with the early Church and also the last chapter of the Bible Revelations.

He spent many years poring over the Bible, trying to find the secret Bible Code.

He was rumoured to be a "Rosicrucian". However, the religious belief’s that Newton held

could have caused serious embarrassment at the time.

Because of this he kept his views hidden, almost to the point of obsession.

This desire for secrecy seemed to be part of his nature.

It was only on his death that his papers were opened up.

The bishop who first opened Newton’s box, actually found them too shocking for

public release, therefore, they were kept closed for many more years.

The 13th-century Spanish Rabbi Bachya ben Asher

may have been the first to describe an Equidistant Letter Sequence, ELS, in the Bible.

His four-letter example related to the traditional zero-point of the Hebrew calendar.

Eliyahu Rips, mathematician at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

took up the study together with his religious studies partners Doron Witztum

and designed computer software for the ELS technique

and subsequently found many examples.

This experiment tested the hypothesis that ELSs for the names of famous rabbis

could be found closer to ELSs of their dates of birth and death than chance alone could explain.

The definition of "close" was complex but, roughly, two ELSs are close if

they can be displayed together in a small rectangle.

The experiment succeeded in finding sequences which fit these definitions,

and they were interpreted as indicating the phenomenon was real.

The "great rabbis experiment" went through several iterations,

and was eventually published in 1994.

Though still skeptical, none of the reviewers had found any flaws.

Another experiment, in which the names of the famous Rabbis were matched against

the places of their births and deaths (rather than the dates), was conducted by Harold Gans,

Senior Cryptologic Mathematician for the US National Security Agency.

Again, the results were interpreted as being meaningful

and thus suggestive of a more than chance result.

These Bible codes became known to the public primarily due to

the journalist Michael Drosnin, whose book "The Bible Code"

was a best-seller in many countries. Rips issued a public statement

that he did not support Drosnin's work or conclusions.

Another Bible code technique was developed in 1997 by Dean Coombs.

Various pictograms are claimed to be formed by words and sentences using ELS.

The primary objection advanced against Bible codes is that information theory

does not prohibit "noise" from appearing to be sometimes meaningful. 

Scientists will keep on dividing life up to the atom, and nevertheless

they will never prove the spirit. The attempt is similar to catching a ray of light.

Man can only spiritualize himself. A process which is known to the christended

as metamorphosis. By then all great achievements,

inventions and interpretative attempts of humanity

are an unconscious dream of a yet sleeping being in the incarnation.

The soul, situated in incarnation, has been in quest for himself in descent

of consciousness in thousands of lives. Nations and people have been the school classes

of reincarnation in order to evolve further until the time.

In general view of the rise in the mystical tradition of Christianity

and the mystical German thinkers and philosophers

the incarnation was only a cycle in order to collect new qualities

for the cosmic origin through sorrow and delight.

The undefinable everlastingness was divided in existence and non-existence,

in spiritual worlds and material worlds,

in the higher heavens of transcendence and in the lower worlds of duality.

The cosmos has been created with all its dimensions and parallel worlds.

The worlds of contrasts and duality have arose.

So there are immortal worlds which are subject to change

and there are mortal worlds which are permanently on the move.

In order to experience oneself in endless variety he created out of himself

infinite parts of consciousness - cosmic monads,

integral entities, that collect endless opportunities of experiences

through the worlds of duality for the source of all being.

Through the world of contrasts, of polarity, every cosmic monad can have

an experience. Such a divine component is never coming down by oneself

to a mortal world of polarity.

One is to collect the experiences and seperate part of one's universal spirit

and create the souls - a receptacle for universal experiences.

Though the souls get to the point where they need many individual experiences

but cannot identify themselves with these experiences.

So they created a receptacle, which we call physical body,

in order to collect life experiences through the reincarnation

in the world of contrasts and make oneself gradually perfect.

This fission is known as the growing of the cosmic Christ or cosmic crystal

which grows during a cycle of exhalation.

One can compare the growing of the cosmic crystal with a tree of life.

The substance is a speed reduction of spirit to light and tone

up to the alchemist crystallization of matter.

We are compressed light forms like the leaves on a tree

that are then reborn in spring after fall.

Our experiences remain preserved in the soul.

The cosmos is like a school with many classrooms and so there are different maturities.

These maturities of the worlds are seperated from eachother

through the various levels of vibration of different dimensions.

So several material and spiritual worlds can exist at the same place and time.

Only the physical eye which perceives everything on the frequency of a

three-dimensional world is seeing the three-dimensional world.

In our solar system there are 12 planets -

7 on the material frequency, stimulated through higher developed beings,

and 5 in spiritual dimensions.

Man in turn has now reached the end of this cycle of a cosmic plan.

It will be the first rooted group of the fourth planetary cycle

that rises up once again in higher consciousness.

For some it will be like the descent of Atlantis, for the others like a return,

a rise of Atlantis and their teachers of wisdom.

Because in principle any occurance can be seen from two sides -

a positive or negative side. All the great changes in the universe

are guided by the cosmic plan of evolution. The human limited mind

is frightened of any change because his fear is death - the wall he can't look behind.

At the same time there's nothing in nature that get lost. All elements are changing

on the homeward journey into the light - only in other refined conditions.

The transitions will exceed the limits in every discipline

which have existed only in thought and action.

Every misunderstood change entails a crisis of creation

until the process of transition is understood.

"What is the contribution of man so that the divine in his mercy

extinguish the Karma of any individual among the people?

Instead of being fearful this new generation is to be trusting.

Because all the negative what happens has its authority in the cosmic plan

which we cannot comprehend with reason.

For there's nothing outside this divine plan, even chaos is the new order."

'The dark and the white force only serves the creator of all being,

with the aim to create the perfect human being

who goes through every conceivable positive and negative experiences

and thus evolve to the incarnated image of God.

A man who became godlike has experienced the whole variation of the cosmic piano

from the deepest to the highest tone. For God doesn't evaluate,

God illuminates like a sun illuminates all his creatures, if flower or weed.

The planet earth is our planet of ascent on which the creator himself incarnates as

a human being. The "Seven Seals" in the Bible are the conditions of the consciousness in us.

The return of the ascended brotherhood from Atlantis is the return of

the "144,000 lords of light" - cosmic monads who incarnate as humans

and represent together the white pyramid, the all-seeing eye of God,

the presence of the highest on Earth.

They are open witnesses who all will describe the same process of the rise

from a different perspective because they have taken part in it before.

We are evolving from a little soul to the condition as a whole, called group-souls.

We reduced the use of the physical eye in the Third dimension.

And when we woke up we activated our Spiritual Eye.

We practised the seeing with the three eyes and discovered whole new areas of view.

Many have had a longing for living together in committed communities.

Something different is for those who are living in unity in

a true loving relationship. The old karmic relations aren't meant with it

but two people of true quality who don't just work together as One

but also realize that they are variations of the One and on the way to greater unity.

These 144,000 masters are subordinated to the greatest mystery of

the inexpressible, as his highest personality: Christ, also known as "Maitreya" मैत्रेय,

the "Buddha of the Synthesis" or "Krishna"

who entered the world of darkness 2,000 years ago

in order to become a mortal human being. Many names for the One spirit of Earth.

God himself has become human through his Son, the planetary logos,

the soul of the earth, where all heavens, all dimensions, all demigods,

all worlds of polarity followed from, in order to raise the lowest of all planets.

When the worlds of polarity in all dimensions had separated furthest from Him

he incarnates as a human in order to overcome the separation.

Because all heavens and all gods until then were subject to the law of polarity.

They only were partial truths on higher levels.

All demigods have to reincarnate themselves in order to dissolve their half-truths.'

'The time of masters and gurus is coming to an end.

For every man in the future will obtain his own mastery under the direction of

his higher self, the planetary spirit.

The personification of the incarnated cosmic law of the inner order.

The usual anthropogenesis/ incarnation with all its heights and depths

is the greatest mastery, the highest of all virtues, to unite

the sympathy and the unconditional love and wisdom.

These accomplished masters will start over as normal people,

living under them as brothers. None of these graduated masters

will ever claim again to be a teacher or a master.

They only will describe the process of the rise as witness.

They won't distribute any new concepts of inspiration because the highest wisdom is

to honor life, as how it is, as an expression of the divine being.

The reachable is already reached.

Inspiration is the natural basis of life which is growing daily through our

experiences. The learning grows so that one becomes oneself more and more.

When we have dissolved this dual being, good and less good,

we notice that every purpose is positively important for us.

It shows us a way, we are to love it unconditionally. It serves the man.

Everything has its meaning. The positive and negative are One.

We put ourselves above this value judgement. This doesn't mean,

there's no level but our consciousness has to evolve beyond.

We must not look anymore at the good and the less good.

All the light, the shadow and the dark are getting clearer in God's awareness.

Light and darkness will complement each other on a higher scale.

Everything will be sorted out. One should see God's perfection in every single man.

The impression of development to God is different but we don't have the right to judge.

The duty is to glorify God and not the demigods,

this unity, to worship this life principle of perfection, to see the divine in All.

The bridge to the dimension of light. We are to outshine ourselves, as Nietzsche said.

The Ankh-Cross also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata,

was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "eternal life",

a triliteral sign for the consonants ʻ-n-ḫ.

The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips

of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife

conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy;

this is thought to symbolize the act of conception.

Thomas Inman: "It is by Egyptologists called the symbol of life.

It is also called the 'handled cross', or crux ansata.

It represents the male triad and the female unit,

under a decent form. There are few symbols more commonly met with

in Egyptian art. In some remarkable sculptures, where the sun's rays are represented as

terminating in hands, the offerings which these bring are many a crux ansata,

emblematic of the truth that a fruitful union is a gift from the deity."

David P. Silverman notes the striking example of how the depiction of

the Ancient Egyptian Ankh was preserved by the Copts

in their representation of the Christian cross.

This symbol is originated from Atlantis, an ancient culture of the Nephillim.

The symbolism of the pattern to create the ideal human being and the perfectly working planet

is represented by the sign of the Egyptian key of life, the Ankh-Cross.

Appropriate to this universal pattern all forms of existence come into being.

The 5 senses, the anti-material Chakras, are located at the body of soul, the left plus-sphere.

At the body of mind, the lower null-sphere, all experiences will be stored

which the physical body at the plus-zone,

i.e. in matter as well as the soul at the minus-zone, the field of energy,

have made during the course of the entire incarnation.

The fourth element, the ring of the key, shows the consciousness

which harmonizes these three spheres.

The consciousness is responsible for his physical body, the body of soul and

the body of mind, and it's his responsibility

that none of these bodies destruct themselves - irrespectively of his experiences.

In this way the pattern of the key of life is maintained in us.

The care through consciousness was pre-eminently indispensable on the earth

since one is trying permanently to change the sense of the 12 universal laws

which are symbolized by the 12 colors.

One was constantly attempting to manipulate the laws.

However this was the price for being capable to universalize the body.

As with all myths and legends of the world, the first act is that of ‘creation’

- the birth of the primal Creator or Universe.

In most myths this often takes place quickly.

The rest of creation often happens over a very long period of time.

The process itself may involve many generations of gods and goddesses,

whose families grow into a large pantheon in the heavens.

It is consistent within most myths of indigenous peoples that

the earth would then be made habitable and hospitable, with the creation of

rivers, oceans, plants and animals taking place, before the creation of humanity.