In 1760 BC Abraham travelled

from Mesopotamia to Canaan.

He is the ancestor of

Moses, King David,

King Solomon, Mary,

Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad.

Tutmosis' attack on Meggiddo in 1457 BC

Gautama Buddha founded

Buddhism in 520 BC.

Buddha depicted as the 9th Avatar of

god Vishnu in a Hindu representation.

The immigrated Etruscans from

the Near East achieved with

the rule over Rome their

cultural heyday in 600 BC

and imported the aqueduct.

Carthago, founded by

Phoenicians in 800 BC,

was destroyed by Hanibal's

triumphs against Rome

in the 2nd century BC.

The best engineers and architects

from Egypt, Greece and

the Middle East were ordered to Rome

to establish great buildings like

the Circus Maximus or the Pantheon.

The block and tackle by Archimedes,

the water pump, and the beton

were developed here.

After Nero and Vespasian in 70

Titus lead the war against the Jews.

Their brutal era of the Gladiators

had ended with the spread of

Christian social doctrines

by Emperor Constantine I.

The Syrian oasis city of Palmyra

in the 1st century has earned yearly

100 Mio. sesterces  (250 Mio. €) alone

on luxury goods from China and India.

Samarkand (Persian ‏سمرقند‎)

is one of the eldest and

most important cities in history.

The famous Silk Road runs

through Samarkand. Not just traders,

scholars and warriors moved along,

but also ideas, religions and

whole cultures went from

East to West and back, like

the new astronomy in Samarkand.

Kāifēng, in the province of Henan,

is the native city of gastronomy.

The compass among other things

like the gunpowder, and the rocket

bomb were invented here as well.

Since 1100 years Arabian traders

settled down in China's former capital

who get together with the Chinese

as people of the muslim Hui-Chinese.

Since the 9th century a jewish

community can be shown here.

The world's first known movable-type

system for printing was created

around 1040 AD by Bi Sheng.

Gutenberg invented the

mechanical printing press

that revolutionized methods

of book production.

The West was dependent on the East.

The sailors were drifted by the

trade wind. During the Ice Age

the American continent had been

settled from both sides.

In China the exact distance to

America had been determined

already in the 5th century.

The Buddhist seafarer Hui Chen

had put back 8000 km. They called it

Fusan "Far land in the East".

In the 8th century the Indonesians

settled the island of Madagascar.

In the 11th century the Polynesians

came from the South Pacific.

The Chinese Armada, a swimming

city, has ruled the oceans for 350

years. Zheng He's Treasure ship

(1405-1433) was 6 times larger than

Columbus' Santa Maria in 1492.

The Portugese have discovered the

Brazilian coast already in 1497.

In the 16th century

the new Catholic Spanish kingdom

has been at the height,

after they had plundered all

treasure-houses in the New World.

The Republic of Venice was a naval

& trading power in the Mediterranean

from the 8th-18th Century

"There are no great discoveries

and progresses, as long as there is

still a hungry child on Earth."

- Albert Einstein, physicist

The Eye of Providence -

the all-seeing eye

is a Christian symbol

for God's trinity.

The Freemasons in London have

already worked on the first

constitution. Then the Freemasons

in America founded

the United States.

University professor Adam

Weisshaupt founded the illuminators.

Since 1776 the German Illuminators

were an influential association of

philosophers of the Enlightenment.

The word 'Anonymity' is

originated from 'Anunaki'

Sumer, "land of the civilized lords"

- The Ziggurat of Nanna,

the god of the moon, in Ur

"house whose foundation

creates terror" 

Karnak Monument -

Symbols from another world


Sign of feminism

based on Venus symbol -

Sign of masculinity

based on Mars Symbol

Poseidon or Neptune

the so-called god of the sea,

the brother of Zeus,

the founder of Atlantis

was one of the biblical Nephilim.

Zeus was watching over the Greeks.

Together with 11 other gods

he ruled the whole world.

Infinitia -

The lowest dimension and

the highest are actually

One and the same.

Synopsis of historiology, archaeology, mythology & anthropology 









Sanskrit ("the cultured language") is a historical Indo-Aryan language,

the primary liturgical language of Hinduism and

a literary and scholarly language in Jainism and Buddhism.

After a period of great wars the Vedic text were handed down verbally.

Some believe that the eldest writings had been made in 6,000 BC.

Mahābhārata  महाभारत, “the great narrative of the Battle of the Bharatas“,

12,000 years ago in old India describes the history of the origin of Hinduism,

the oldest world religion.


היסטוריה  تاريخ  تاريخ  تاریخ  مێژوو  تارىخ  Պատմություն  ისტორია

इतिहास  ประวัติศาสตร์  इतिहास  သမိုင်း  歷史  历史  歷史 

ປະຫວັດສາດ  역사  歴史  ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ  ལོ་རྒྱུས། 

Li̍t-sṳ́   Їсторїꙗ  Ιστορία  Lịch sử  Istor  Tarih  Tarix  Түүх  Түүхэ  Історія  Гісторыя 

История  Историја  Ajalugu  Stair  Storia  Historija  Història  Histouère  Histoire  Historie

History  Historio  Hanes  Dîrok  Sejarah  Történelem  Geschiedenis  Geskiedenis  Geschichte  Kasaysayan


History of humanity

is the sum of what could have been avoidable. It's an everlasting replay of the same kind.

For every generation a new age of enlightenment begins.

There are no other fields on which we can glean so obviously the split of the people into

optimistic and pessimistic temperaments as in the assessment of issues,

if people, if nations, if great collectives learn something from history at all.

The Grandmaster of pessimism in this matter has been the German philosopher Hegel.

Though for the optimistic side we quote Spanish-American philosopher Jorge Santayana:

"Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The discoveries in the past are the basis of the present knowledge.

The progresses of civilization are pushed on more likely with disaster-learning.


Mohenjo-daro   موئن جودڑو  "Mound of the Dead"


In 1,700 BC the breakdown of the largest Ancient culture,

the Indus Valley, took place. Today many intellectuals in India and

Pakistan are convinced that unimaginably tremendous wars had

devastated the country for an extremely long time.

The first civilizations

In around 3500 BC the Sumerians evolved.

The ancestors of the Babylonians and Mesopotamians with the first beer,

the first wheel, the first legal system, the first bicameral congress,

the first alphabetization, the first school system.

Their astronomy was highly developed. They had numbers with 15 digits.

"Those who mastered the script have control over the people."

For the first time the Sumerians recorded

rules and laws for living together in writing.

Suddenly there were small states, disputes and wars in the name of the gods.

King Nebûchadnezzar had build the famous Tower.

The first attempt of mankind to be like God.

Since then they were talking in different languages.

Their first cities were called Uruk, Eridu, Babel.




The Culture of old Egypt is formed by religion,

temple economy and intensive cult of the dead.

The essential moments in this history are:

the founding of the empire under King Narmer in 3000 BC,

the chariot battles of Thutmosis, the gigantic constructions of Ramses II

and the religious Revolution of Echnaton.

It's their belief in a life after death that makes the Ancient Egyptians immortal.

The architects of the Cheops-pyramid provided a structural

competence that stayed long unattainable with following constructions.

The legendary pharao Ramses II went down in the annals of old Hebrew history

together with Moses and the great "Exodus".

Israel = 'Itinerant' people.

After Ramses II in 1340 BC Echnaton became pharao.

He was the first ruler who said there should only be One God

and instructed his people to build a city, Amarna, in honour of God and promised them peace.


The Psalms are songs that praise the great acts of God in history and creation,

that had been sung with "Psalter" (greek: string instrument).

They're written in for the Hebrew poetry characteristic form of parallelism

with what a couplet is shaped in each of two lines.

They're not combined with lute-rhymes, each on the end of the line,

like in German poetries, but with a "rhyme of sense":

The second line answers the first line in terms of content by repeating

their statement with different words or by formulating opposites with it



The first numbers had been created by the Indus culture.

The first universities founded in the Indus Valley were Taxila तक्षशिला 

in the 7th century BCE and Nalanda नालंदा  in the 5th century BCE.


With the first artificial waterway by Hong Gou the first dynasty

of China had been founded.


In China the past is part of the present.

Confucius - China's pioneer in making education available to all in 500 BC.

He made respect, discipline and order to principles of Chinese civilization.

His disciples are all over the world.

This has won him the title of "Sage for the Ages".

Confucius and his doctrine crystallize the many facets of China's ancient civilization

and become the symbol for it.

It sets the standard in politics, morality and philosophy,

and has the most profound and lasting influence on China.

In this time the discovery of the kite that could fly in the air

have made people think for the first time about flying as well.

Kites were used in religious ceremonies.

Kites and Dragons were important to the invention of flight as

they were the forerunner to balloons and gliders. 

Romulus and Remus, the sons of the god of war Mars and priest Rhea Silvia,

founded the city of Rome in 753 BC.

Romulus murder of his brother was the first war in Roman history.

Afterwards the emperors expanded the empire desperately.

The model of Imperium Romanum was the Persian empire of Cyrus and Darius.

A flourishing functional multinational state - held together by only one king.

The Golden city of Persepolis was the center of the world at this epoch.

Cyrus / Kūruš the Great had liberated the Hebrew exiles from the Babylonians

to resettle and rebuild Jerusalem, earning him an honored place in Judaism.

The first philosophical cognitions were introduced on Plato's symposium.

In 386 BC the Academy in Athens was made famous by Plato as a center of learning,

the cultural accumulation of knowledge,

the first "Western" institution of higher learning.

The sacred space, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

Along with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle,

Plato have helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science.

In the words of his teacher Aristotle,Aléxandros of Mecedonia proceeded to action.

In the year 334 BC he attacked Darius / Dārayavahuš and

occupied the whole Persian empire.

In India the Ancient Greek philosophy had influenced the Mahayana-Buddhism.


The Ancient Library of Alexandria was part of the Museion

(shrine of the Muses, the goddesses of arts, the female inspirer),

a research establishment built by King Ptolemaios in 331 BC

on the model of Athenian philosophy schools, the Academy and the Lykeion.

With the first factories and machines in Northeastern China

the Eastern sciences had been developed.

With the first battery electricity had been generated in 250 BC in Babel.

In Syrakus, one of the flourishing Greek colonies,

a wonder machine was created of which precision engineering

made of cogwheels amaze to this day: the Antikythera-mechanism.

The mechanical calendar-computer of Antikythera is an app with what

the Greeks calculated in 100 BC the motion of the heavenly bodies and

the course of Sun and moon through the Ancient Egyptian zodiac.

Archimedes discoveries shaped the development of

mathematics, physics and technology ahead in centuries.

Then the Romans came and took over the crane technology of Kórinthos.

In the 1st century the engineer Hero of Alexandria

worked with air pressure and steam to create sources of power.

One experiment that he developed was the Aeolipile-machine

which used jets of steam to create rotary motion.

The importance of the Aeolipile is that it marks the start of engine invention

- engine created movement will later prove essential in the history of flight.

The ancient state of priests is the most mysterious empire in world history.

The Pharao and the pyramids formed the social orientation in Ancient Egypt.

This era ended with Ceasar, Antonius, and Cleopatra.

After the murder of Caesar Egypt with all the riches

have turned to Octavian's chapter of Roman history.

The old insights in anatomy and physiology had enabled

Hippocrates and Galenus of Pergamon to carry out

complicated operations with new specialized instruments and

developed further in this way the methods of the art of healing.

Jesus of Nazareth was born in a time of militant Messianism under the Jews.

People in this period were expecting daily the day of Judgement

and they had been longing for the scion of David who would free

the slave-driven people from the occupying forces of Rome.

After the death of Herodes, the ally of Rome in Jerusalem, the enmity of

non-hellenized, religious and national-minded parts of the Jewish society

has become much deeper towards the occupying forces,

but it remained as powerless rage.

Jesus' success with the masses was partly thanks to his reputation as a rebel

against Rome - though he dissociated himself explicitly from this position:

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's" (Matthew 22:21).

Jesus was without a doubt an extraordinary capable teacher who possibly emerged

from the school of Hillel, the most significant rabbi in that time.

The life and effect of Jesus has changed the course of human history.

Now those who had been scattered by the persecution in connection with Stephanus

traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch,

telling the message only to Jews. Some of them, however, men from Cyprus and

Cyrene, went to Antioch and began to speak to Greeks also,

telling them the good news about the Lord Jesus. (Acts 11:19)

Jesus the friend, the nice guy towards women, the objector of performance,

the therapist, able to deal with conflict, the lonesome

- a character that doesn't fit in any drawer;

a figure which one can and should rub up the wrong way.

Under the pressure of persecution by the Roman emperors

the Christians tried early to solve their theological issues.

The quick spread of early Christianity is based on an intensive correspondence

of apostle Paul who instructed the community on this way.

His successors, among them women like

Phoebe, Lydia and Yunia together with her husband Andronikos, 

obviously installed a proper letter system

that worked like a modern communication network.

According to Historian Eva Baumkamp the complex letter communication

underground also had long-termed consequences: "Emperor Constantine the Great

was able to use the structures of communication in the 4th century and turned

Christianity into a privileged religion in the Roman empire."



In China a higher education institution Shàng Xiáng 

had been founded by Emperor Shùn before the 2nd century BCE.

The Imperial Central Academy at Nánjīng, founded in 258 AD,

was a result of the evolution of Shàng Xiáng

and it became the first comprehensive institution

combining education and research and was divided into five faculties

in 470 AD, which later became Nánjīng University.

In the 8th century there were thousands of Shūyuàn (Academies) recorded.

The most advanced Shūyuàn such as Bailudong and Yuelu

can be classified as higher institutions of learning.



The Golden epoch

When the Asiatic Hun-warriors came hundreds of thousands escaped

from East Europe and layed siege to Carthago and Roma.

486 AD Chlodwig I., ancle of King Merovech, had eliminated the last Roman ruler

of North Gallia and raised the Frankish kingdom through the acceptance of Catholic Christianity.

The Merovingians have also kept the old Roman culture, made use of the cognizance

of Gallic-Roman aristocracy and followed the late Roman administrative practice.

The last Merovingians were then ousted by the lineage of the Carolingian.

After the victory of Tours over the Moorisch in 732

Charles Martel became a rescuer of Christianity for posterity.

His ankle Charles the Great, the Frankish King, expanded his Christian empire towards east.

"One God, one King, one faith, one kingdom".

That was Karls vision of a Christian Europe under his reign.

It took shape in Aachen. It became a center of education and knowledge.

A uniform writing created the basis of a common Christian region.

The contact of the church and the throne hall, the unity of faith and power.

A formula that shaped Christian Europe over centuries.

In 800 Charles moved to Rome in purpose to resume the legendary era

of the Roman emperors who had ruled an empire from there.

The grandchild of Karl Martell was crowned emperor by the Pope.

With it at the same time he became a patron of occidental Christendom.

In the Arabian caliph empire of the 8th century pragmatic alliances

were prevalent instead of fanatic enthusiasm.

In the years 610 to 632 the Holy scripture of Islam, the Quran,

had been revealed by Muhammad in Mecca and Medina.

In 711 the Arabics in today's Spain established a culture,

in which Muslims, Jews and Christians found common ground.

The new cities there were established on the model of Baġdād بغداد‎ .

The cosmopolitan 'city of the spirit', had been a world culture at this time.

Christians and Jews came to an arrangement with the new dictators.

The Arabic-Persian culture was predominant through rationalistic Islam. 

The University of Al Karaouine جامعة القرويين  in Fez, Morocco was founded in 859 AD

by a woman named Fatima al-Fihri. Medical degrees and diplomas were issued

to students of Islamic medicine who were qualified to

be a practicing Doctor of Medicine.

The Al-Azhar University جامعة الأزهر الشريف‎, founded 975 in Cairo,

have offered a variety of post-graduate degrees (Ijazah).

The Italian monastry Monte Cassino maintained in Salerno a hospital.

Out of the group of the skilled in the art of healing, the civitas salernitatis,

Europe's first medical university has evolved.

Under archbishop Alfanus and with the help of Constantine the Tunesian,

an Arabian medic, who translated Greek-Arabian medical text into

Latin the school began to flourish in the 10th century.

In 1240 Federico II issued an enforcement on the model of

the Al-Azhar University in Cairo that arranged the medical study.

Since the Christianization in the 11th century the Vikings had mixed with

the local masses and therefore ended the plundering raid throughout Europe.

In 1009 Islamic zealots came to power in the Holy Land.

Christian curches were destroyed, pilgrims were murdered.

The Christian-orthodox kingdom of the emperor from Byzantium

was threatened by these Muslims in his perception.

He asked the Pope for military support against 'the godless heathen'.

In 1095 it was according to his plan.

The words of the racist pope Urban aroused a hysterical mass movement.

The so-called crusaders and the knights of the Teutonic Order had left millions of victims.

They said that King Richard Lionheart arrived in Jerusalem as a drunken rowdy

and returned a little later as a completely new man.

After the crusades in 1229 it turned to peace between Christians and Muslims.

Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth were placed under Christian supervision.

Salādīn the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria who led

Muslim and Arab opposition, and Federico II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire,

had reached their goals together without bloodshed.

Federico was growing up in Palermo, a melting pot of many people.

The Byzantine, Arabian, Italian and the German world, had met in his palace,

together with Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The crusaders had transported elements of material culture from the Islamic world to the Christian.

The Oriental world at that time have had a significant lead on fields of

technology, medicine, literature, mathematics, physics and astronomy.

Extraordinary scientific and artistic works have come into being.

There have been researching, experimenting and writing.

So an astounding collection of knowledge was handed down resulted

in exchange between Europe and the Orient.

The monks in the monasteries had kept this knowledge

and protected them from Vikings and other robbers.


The Renaissance in the 14th century

had caused a psychological change in the society.

The memory of their own transience became an important motive in arts.

With the awareness of the approaching destruction they peter out

traditional attitudes to morality. The people find a new purpose.

A rebirth in the true sense.


In 1442, 800 years after the arrival of the Moorish in Europe,

Christian troops conquered back the last Muslim fortress.

With them the time of tolerance was over.

People didn't necessarily looked for religious parallels and simularities,

they willfully looked for distinctions.

Religion was serving identity development.

They rather distance themselves from one another, than strengthen togetherness. 


With the conquest of Bagdad by the Mongolians the methods of firearms production

and papermaking had reached Europe in this way.

After 150 years of Mongolian occupation, the farmer Zhu Yuánzhang

was able to force back the enemies with the invention of the hand cannon.

He and his wife Ma founded the new Ming-dynasty.

In Asia and East Europe the first globalized empire of Chingis Khan

had broken down. For a relative short period the Chinese

opened the gate to the West and build up the first world trade.

They had contacted Arabian and Italian trading powers, passed on 

their philosophy and culture of good eating.

Leonardo da Vinci served one's apprenticeship under the painter and sculptor Vericchio

and was supported by the Medicis.

took a close look at the construction of 'Perpetuum Mobile' in 1485.

The Maestro designed models of wheels that are supposed to rotate forever.

His drawings illustrated ideas for man carrying machines.

Da Vinci's notebooks on flight were reexamined in the 19th century by aviation pioneers.

Like other geniuses (Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

Thomas Edison) he belonged to the "hyperactives“,

people of genius with genetic disposition (ADHS).

Action and cognition were equally important for him.

At first he wanted to learn creating masterpieces of art.

Then he became more and more interested in knowledge about nature

and he was fascinated by their beauty and wide variety.

Leonardo connected the longing of Virgil 'rerum cognoscere causas'

(to realize the causes of things) with the will to apparent work. 


In the following two centuries after 1492

the Occident began a tremendous cultural race to catch up.

The muslim Moorish from Northwest Africa

had perfected in Al-Andalus the art of navigation which the Italian Colombo made use of later.

Columbus discovered the trade wind and used it westwards for the first time.

The Greeks had estimated that the circumference of the earth would be 40,000 km.

The first globe was actually created in Nuremberg in 1492, before the return of Columbus.

Columbus had estimated the circumference of the earth falsely.

His food wouldn't have lasted to Asia.

The final evidence for a spherical earth in true size was produced by Maghellan.

In 1522 he circumnavigated the earth with his ships for the first time.

Christian seafarers were staying on course to new worlds.


Reformators, like Martin Luther in 1517,

doubted the authority of the Roman-Catholic church and divided it.

He was a theologian who initiated the Protestant Reformation.

He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God's punishment

of sin could be purchased with money. Luther taught that salvation is not

earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God's grace

through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin.

After Thomas Müntzer's theological conviction the Bible claims freedom for all people.

As a young priest he set his face against church and worldly authority and demanded

the God-given right to liberty, equality, and fraternity for everyone.

The letterpress printing reinforced the religious change.

At the end the separation of state and religion stands firmly.

Galileo Galilei wanted to fight for freedom of his science within the church.

In his case it was about the question if the earth is at the center of

the universe or if the earth rotates around the sun.

But out of Wittenberg in Germany the reformation forced back the church.

The endless Thirty Years War between Protestants and Catholics

in Central Europe caused a change of power.

Pope Urban VIII. feared another loss of power.

In 1633 the murderous inquisition took Italian scholar Galileo Galilei

to court because of his allegedly heretical world view.

The scholar had to deny his discoveries.

In order to avoid the torture Galilei revoked his heliocentric world view.

Guarded by the inquisition he spend his last 8 years in his mansion in Florence. 


1789 the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

stated that the government received its power from the people

and strengthened individual rights and equality.

Built after the geomantic principles, the Forbidden City in Beijing represents

the terrestrial mirror image of the reigned order in the cosmos and

symbolizes the place where heaven and earth meet up - the center of the universe.


Western rise & China's fall - The sick of East Asia

In the 17th century the Chinese emperor didn't want to accept the Constantine

Christianity though thanks to the Jesuit and astronomer Adam Schall von Bell

he established Christian missions everywhere in the empire. 

China had to protect itself from furious Japanese and wild nomads.

In 1644 the empire had been attacked again by the Mongolians.

The Manchurians took over the until then superior Ming dynasty

and ushered in a dark, traditionalist epoch.

For a long time the conservative emperors of China did not want to know

the later achievements in the 'devilish' foreign countries.

In 1840, during the Opium Wars against the West, China was contaminated with drugs.

The great Taiping-movement in 1850 during the Opium Wars had cost

20 mio. lives and increased the outer dependence of China.

1861-1908 Cixi had lead the regency as "empress widow“ addicted to opium.

She was a scapegoat for problems beyond her control.

Concerning domestic and foreign policy Cixi was not able to

lead a policy of reform. She had the Reformers and modernizers arrested and executed.

After a long dry season the farmers began to plot against

the foreign 'unlucky charm'. Thanks to the British diplomat

Morris 3,000 Chinese Christians were protected in the embassy.

Until the end of the Second Drug War in 1901

British-French forces took control of the Forbidden City and

occupied it together with Americans, Russians, Germans and Japanese.

After the Xinhai-Revolution in 1912 the last Emperor, Pǔyí, resigned.

During the world economic crisis in the 1920's General Ishiwara Kanji

was entrusted with Japan's fate. Emperor Hirohito originally wanted to

prevent a new Chinese war in the Manchuria which was rich of raw materials,

but with the political change Japan fell together with Germany and Italy into nationalistic hysteria.

After end of the war a farmer king named Mao Zedong set the Cultural Revolution into motion

which partly accepted the old teachings of Confucius,

and later rediscovered capitalism. 



The New World

They were brilliant philosophers, poets, astronomers and mathematicians.

Their predictions about the course of the planets,

about the eclipse of the moon and the sun, were accurate,

they knew the number zero 1,000 years before the Arabians.

Their advanced civilization had dominated Central America nearly 2,000 years.

The Maya relied unconditionally on the prophecies of their priests.

In honour of the "celestial beings" the Maya organized ball games - a life and death struggle.

In the 15th century the Spanish conquerors arrived.

In their enthusiasm for the mission they'd destroyed almost all written notes.

"We found great amounts of books, and because they are nothing but superstition

and diabolical lies we burned them all", Diego de Landa wrote who later became bishop of Yucatán.

Three manuscripts had escaped the fire of the inquisition: one is in Paris,

one in Madrid. The third manuscript is the "Codex Dresdensis“ in Dresden.

The codex was the key to knowledge of the Maya and to its three polished calendar systems:

"When the 13th Bak'tun expires in December 2012, the 14th Bak'tun begins.

There are prophecies of the Maya that goes beyond the year 2012.",

archeologist and ethnologist Prof. Nikolai Grube says. 


The nation of Cahokia at Mississippi had refined corn to a crop and

were able to make large fields arable with well-directed fire-economy.

With the deseases of the Spanish, and later the exchange with potatoes, tomatoes

and European horses, pigs, honey bees, apples and cereal

the white population grew spasmodically.


In the middle of the British-French war about the colonial hegemony

in North-America were the communities of the settlers and natives.

The seed of American revolution was already in the victory of the Brits in 1763.

Should one rebel or adjust when it comes to a tight squeeze?

Some are looking for peace and conform to it, others wage war

and threaten to exterminate previous intellectual achievements.

And then there are those who learn something new.

Those who keep their old culture but open up to the new.

The Cherokees in North Carolina for example have already recognized at that time,

everything runs through education.

They have adjusted and cultivated European traditions often better than the whites.

Their children went to mission schools and

whole tribal associations converted to Christian faith.

Some of the whites were living together with the Natives,

others wanted to stick with one's kind.

Then the great gold fever has taken everything to extremes.

The life philosophy of the New World gave the people

the feeling of independence. German authors, like Karl May, were fascinated.

They were writing about a new attitude to morality.

There has been a lot of legends and stories of whole tribes who were fighting for their rights.

The story of the Wild West reminded the Germans of the great search for purity and nature.



The Time of great ideologies

The origins of European classicism are in the East.

From day one almost all tribes were associated intellectually and emotionally.

In the 18th century the Arabian World was colonized by the French,

Italians and the British.

With the times national centers of powers were formed in Europe.

Napoleon and Hitler had failed tremendously on it to obtain the center of Europe.

The first League of Nations had been established by the US.

The German Kaiser didn't like the look of that and his new pushed Reich

opted increasingly for patriosm and obstinate nationalism.

In 1914 the atmosphere between the superpowers Germany,

Austria-Hungary, France, Great Britain, and Russia was at fever pitch.

Four weeks after the murder of the Austrian-Hungarian heir to the throne Ferdinand

in Sarajevo Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

The Great War had been set off by hare-brained

nationalists without any objectives.

After 1918 there was the great world economic crisis.

In 1933 a collaboration of Thule and Illuminati members was brought into America

via the CIA, which was established with the help of

"American Nazi fifth column agents" as well as European Nazis who were brought

into the States through "Project Paperclip" and other operations.


The Time of great ideologies that was ringed in under Hitler continues to this day.

The ideologists came, saw and looked for next possible leitmotivs

so that their values are accepted by the mass of the people

with the help of the active media.

With their claims for power they have endangered human lives.

Solipsism, megalomania and the eerie power of the industry

were decisive mix-factors for chaotic chain reactions

and consistent economic wars.

They have permanently talked people into thinking to believe in their ideal. 

The East European center of culture had been completely destroyed by the Germans.

The German Holocaust followed with the mass murder

on 6 to 15 Million Jewish and other Europeans (included 200,000 Freemasons).


Hitler was an early member of a sect in Austria

lead by an expelled Templar named Lanz Liebenfels.

The "Thule-Gesellschaft" imported a distorted worldview:

There are two kinds of man inhabiting the planet - "the so-called animalistic

Hebrew and the Aryan (Indo-Germanic) supermen from Atlantis."

The violent-tempered Hitler had mixed this ancient news with

the convictions of Friedrich Nietzsche,

Helena Blavatsky ("The Secret doctrine"), Guido von List,

Karl Maria Wiligut, Lanz von Liebenfels, and Dietrich Eckardt.

With regard to this Hitler joined the NSDAP-party which was founded by a Thule-member in 1919.

In the crisis year 1923 Hitler tried to remove the democratic government

in Berlin with a coupe together with General Ludendorff.

The Bavarian police arrested him afterwards.

Eventhough he was surrounded by occultists like Himmler

he condemned occultism as well spiritualism, theism or astrology.

Martin Luther, Martin Heidegger and Richard Wagners' antisemitic outbursts

as well had served the Nazis as a reasoned model.

Wagner's words though was misinterpreted by them back then.


Uncountable young Americans, from multicultural origins,

gave their lives for liberation and democratization of Europe.

After the Korean War the Berlin Wall had been build by

the Soviets through fear of American Imperialism.

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 could have thrown the world

into nuclear war only by a whisker.

The Cold War between freedom and socialism was held in Vietnam then.

Unnoticed by the public and media in autumn 1983

the world stood on the edge of a nuclear war.

The Soviet secret service KGB predicted a NATO sneak attack.

A spy satellite signaled the start of

US intercontinental ballistic missiles in Montana.

In front of the gates of Berlin Soviet fighter-jets

with live atomic bomb arrived on the runway.

Never before the squad of the Warsaw Pact were on the brink of a nuclear strike.

The rational egoist had decided against the theory

and hence prevented a nuclear war.


John Paul II. aka Karol Wojtyła has been credited with being instrumental in

bringing down communism in Europe, by being the spiritual inspiration

behind its downfall, and a catalyst for a peaceful revolution in Poland

which consequently inspired the devout and disbelieving people in East Germany.

Despite of the Tian'anman Square massacre of June 1989 in Beijing,

the Monday demonstrations of Leipzig started in October.

After mass-prayer for peace at St. Nicholas Church

it lead to a non-violent revolution in Germany.

John Paul II strengthened the opposition with his open

partisanship for the anticommunist labour union Solidarnosc.

Lech Wałęsa, the founder of ‘Solidarity’, and Mikhail Gorbachev credited

the Pope with giving Poles the courage to rise up.

The collapse of the Iron Curtain would have been impossible

without John Paul II.

Pope John Paul II. for his part had waken up the country with his demand to

the Poles to forget all fear. An awakening of national pride

after Nazi-tyranny and 35 years of Soviet suppression.

During the first big mass 1979 in Warsaw

the Polish pope provoked the Soviet empire.

The papal journey turned to a political mass demonstration.

John Paul II. had encouraged the Poles to resistance - carefully but lastingly.

Within a year more than eight million people joined the Solidarnosc trade union.

On 7th December 1980 US-President Jimmy Carter informed the Pope about

an imminent invasion of Poland.

On 16th December John Paul II. wrote a very hard letter to Leonid Breschnew:

He compared the Soviet army with the Nazi-troops and emphasized the emotive word

"Solidarnosc/ Solidarity". These threats went in.

Kreml-chief Breschnew sounded the retreat literally in the last minute.

Historians and detectives asked themselves,

what happened shortly after in the Kreml. In Winter 1980/81 somebody prepared

one of the most incredible assassination attempts in history

and choosed a perfect culprit: Ali Agca, a sought-after psycho-killer

and member of the rightist extremist "grey wolves"

who had murdered a Turkish chief editor of a daily newspaper.

Agca appeared in the afternoon of 13th May 1981 on St.Peter's square

and fired two times at the pope.

A bullet injured John Paul II. seriously in the lower abdomen.

For many Poles this assassination attempt was a signal:

Obviously the Soviet empire was fighting with every method.

Now everybody had to decide, for the communists and their power-machine

or for the matter of God that was in the hands of a wounded Pole.

(Pope-journalist Andreas Englisch, "The secret of Karol Wojtyła")


___________________________________________________________________________________science of history

The Old World Order


The whole period of the Old Testament, from the Flood to Abraham אַבְרָהָם

and Moses מֹשֶׁה  who received new orders from the guardians of God on Mount Sīnā ,

there had been fratricidal war between the isolated Aryan (Indo-Germanic) castes

of "Atlantis" (Atlit-Yam "Atlit by the sea"). Later the Hebrew caste system flourished and

breaked free from Egyptian power and their high priests.

And once again the spear of destiny was taken by a culture and handed over to another.


The word of God is written by people who were not living isolated.

They were under the influence of Mesopotamia, the primary culture of the old Orient.

For centuries they also dominated Jerusalem - religiously and politically.

In the 7th century BC the abolition of the alien gods took place.

For the first time then it had been said up: all Israelits should worship One God,

in only one temple, in a capital city of Jerusalem, under one king.

The hatred of the bible on Babylon's Kings and gods had had a reason: War.

"Who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind." The Great Power Babylon was about to conquer the world.

In 587 BC they stood before the walls of Jerusalem.

The splendid temple, the work of Salomon, had been robbed by the Babylonians. 

Though they couldn't find the most important treasure, the Ark of the Covenant.

The Hebrew leading role became more firmly established

and generations grew up, oriented in deep mysticism.

The prophets prophesied the priests that a "Messiah" will be born

who will usher in a new age. This Messiah comes with inconceivable power.

So the brotherhood of the Hebrews were very afraid of losing

their worldly and spiritual power. Pre-eminently King Herodes.


When Jesus Christ went to see the temple of the scholars and explained to them that

life of God can be found within man and not in dead scriptures, this was the end of the magical era

of the Atlantean brotherhood. Jesus explained Jude the temple of God, and the following consequences

with him and in the communities. It was a long bloody way of incarnation (anthropogenesis)

of the dark era of Atlantis until the Second Coming of the light.

The brotherhoods (Freemasons, Templars, Illuminators) worked behind-the-scenes in all cultures.

So we can trace the path from Atlantis over Egypt into the Holy Land,

over Greece to Rome in all European royal houses.


The first Christians were hitting a lot of resistance from all sides. The men were hunted to death

because of their faith. They had had many disputes about the publication of the great biblical secrets.

In the 1st century the disappointment of the first Christian communities was huge

when parts of the gospel were changed to the opposite

by the secret Hebrew brotherhoods who made common cause with the Romans.

The gospel of Atlantis, which yet contained the teachings of reincarnation

and had no interpretation of evil, became to a deep split between heaven and hell. 


Clement of Alexandria or Klemes Alexandreus (150–215) endeavoured to reconcile Christianity

with Greek philosophy. From his works we find out a lot about gnosticism.

Clement made a crucial contribution to the - at that time controversial -

Christian reception of pagan philosophers and to the takeover of Platonic elements

in the developing dogmatic system of orthodoxy at this time.

His student Origenes became successor of the Catechetical School of Alexandria.

In the Middle Ages however Clement's works were not translated into Latin.

The gnostics (the knowing) were firmly convinced that

deep faith in Christ can be lived without the system of the church.

They knew the hidden secrets of the first scriptures. They knew, Mary Magdalene was the true founder

of Christianity. Peter who recognized in his last days what had happened

let himself hanged up head down as a symbol for that the world is upside down.

The symbol of the Roman goddess Venus, with the cross head down, was often used to represent

the female sex. All his believers at that time had had only one consolation:

A prophecy that one day in a distant world they will be born again just before the glorious Second Coming

of Christ in order to inherit the earth. Later the Islam emerged, the angelic message by Gabri'el,

that is to keep the "absolute truth" about the Father.

Origenes who lived from 185 to 254 is regarded as the most significant

theologian of the early Christian church before Augustine of Hippo.

He's considered to be the founder of the allegorical exegesis of the Bible.

Origenes as philosopher, theologian, philologist and preacher has shaped deeply

the intellectual history of the late classical antiquity until now.

All Fathers of the church have read Origenes and adapted it intensively

Constantinus is regarded as a forerunner of Christianization of the Roman empire.

In 313 AD the Roman emperor Constantine the Great ushered in the ideology of the 'masculine' church.

Historian Jacob Burckhardt called him an "unprincipled egoist in a crimson robe".

For Constantine it has to do with retention of power and not with religion.

In the year 312 Constantine marched against Maxentius in Rome.

In sleep Constantine has been admonished to put up the heavenly sign of God

on the shields of the soldiers and to begin the battle. Constantine won the next day.

It was uncertain to what extent Constantine saw this Allmighty as the Christian God.

He professed his faith in God but he still held on to heathen deities.

In the antique Roman empire there were hundreds of religious cults.

Connecting them with eachother, was normal.

"What is more important to do than shattering all mistakes and eradicating all boldness?

Therefore everyone displays for the Almighty God the true exercise of religion and appropriate worship."

Since 324 the autocrat switched off political opponents inconsiderately

in the traditional Roman manner - even in his own family, as Constantine-critical Zosimos reported.

For an antique ruler religion and politics were inseparable. For that reason Constantine has tied Christianity

to the state and prepared with it the way for Roman christianization.

For the pragmatist it was no contradiction being baptised shortly before

his death but simultaneously being worshiped as God. In contrast they first stylized the religions

when Christianity turned to a state religion 43 years later.


The Brotherhoods

Some of the chivalries in Europe who searched for their Christian roots in the Holy Land

were not initiated into the Freemason brotherhood

which already had the Vatican under control at that time.

They were looking for the truth since they didn't get along with

the partially unchristian hustle and bustle of the head of the medieval church.

Especially in the 11th century the Germanic and Baltic Knights moved to Syria

where they met an old school master from which they learned of the whole truth

about the priestly caste. They had experienced from Babylonian stone tablets

the devastation of the Aramaic brotherhood by the Hebrew brotherhoods,

and the truth about the adulteration of the gospel of the "Essenes".

This had lead to splitting from Christianity and the New Templars came into being.

When they got back the Templars build the castles of the Grail,

established the money system and gained a good reputation.

Later they were hunted by the old loge, and the inquisition began in the name of the church.

In Avignon Pope Clement V, or Bertrand de Got, had been voted in favor of king Philip 'the Handsome'.

The Frankish kingdom was completely impoverished. Here the Templars Jacques de Molay and

Souffre Déchanet turned to be victims of a plot between church and state.

Pope Clement V and king Philip of Castile ushered in a time of torture and

accusations against all possible opponents and "devil worshippers".

Both in person they burned alived the leaders of the order. De Molay cursed them to death.

One month later the king and the pope passed away almost simultaneously.


Some of the chivalries came to Vienna in Heiligenkreuz and founded there

many monastries and castles where they stored a part of the Templar's knowledge.

After the inquisition the old brotherhoods regained power in new appearance.

The Freemasons and Illuminators in Europe and America today

evolved sectorally from this Templar brotherhood.


When the old quest for the Aryan godlike humans had been included again by

European esoterists in the 19th century the main thought of racism of

the "superior and sub men" had been aroused once again.

It's Nietzsche with his "superior men" and many other well-known writers who

extracted the thoughts of the godlike humans of Atlantis from the Indian text.

Helena Blavatsky was an occultist who contributed authoritatively with her major works "Isis Unveiled"

and "The Secret Doctrine" (1888) to the establishment of Anglo-Indian theosophy.

Through her the new mixed doctrines of esoterics were developed.

Theodor Fritsch was the old master of German anti-Semitism and founded the "Germanen-Orden".

The true revelation of the divine has been distorted with any record since

the writing down always kept open an interpretation of the non-experienced.

In this way the world religions came into being with all the splitted sects

who were hanging on the dead letters and lead it further away from the truth throughout the generations.

The new occultists at the turn of the century had all been waiting

for the New Golden Age and aslike the sects today they thought they're the chosen ones who inherit

the Tausendjährige Reich of freedom after the apocalypse.

In this difficult period many were hoping for an Enlightened leader.

According to the words of some authors like Detlev Rose and Wilfried Daim

the influential mystique Dietrich Eckardt has convinced Adolf Hitler that he has to finish the work

of Agharti in order to bring down Shambala which was embodied by the Freemasons.

The occultists came from a Germanenorden in Bad Eiblingen.

The great tragedy later arised from their thinking that the evil

as personified concept of an enemy are found in the old loges of Freemasonry and capital.

After the loss of the first world war 1917 in München

the Germanenorden merged to the Thule-Gesellschaft with a whole group of sects

and the just discharged officers were invited to it.

At the meeting they heard that they're send to the slaughter

for the plans of the capital loges of the Zionists.

It turned to be that shortly after World War I young officers of the German army

had been initiated into an esoteric lodge, called "Thule".

In this lodge the secret conspiration of the Illuminators has been uncovered.

These officers were extremely nervous when they discovered that the war,

which they'd just lost, had already been thought out as conspiracy

in the secret papers of the "direction of Zion":

"We are the force that finances all parties and wars

as long as man grows tired of the wars.

We are the force that brings power to the mighty - if kingdom, aristocracy, communism or capitalism.

In guilty conscience, when they're tired of fighting,

we will then import over capital the New World Order." The "Dolchstoss-Legend" was born.

At the turn of the century there was a monk in Vienna who left the order, renamed himself to Liebenfels

and established the New Templars and later the Thule-Gesellschaft.

He mixed his knowledge with the translation of the "Bhagavad-gita"

where the devastating wars of the gods of Atlantis were described.

He teached that the men of god were only the Aryan race of the brotherhood

and the "Chandalian" were portrayed as the godless who dragged endless battles in mysticism of old India.

He thought that the Hebrew (Jewish) brotherhood were direct descendants of the godless

and oppressed the world of the Aryan gods in the dark age.

A further interpretation was that the Nordic (blond) people

were the only descendants of the Atlantean-Aryan gods.

Today there is no country that is not lead externally by the old world order of the brotherhood.

Only a few decades later the mysterious esoteric doctrines, mixed with the

longing for the lost Zeitgeist "crusaders" and the lost heroism of Germanic

god legends, are to influence a young Austrian. In Hitler's youth the father

had beaten the mother under the influence of alcohol.

In the boy the wish grew to free the mother from evil as a knightly hero.

The old mysticism about the polarity between good and evil had reached

its high point in Vienna with the studies of the esoterist literature

of the Indo-Arian battles of the gods. In these old scripts, like the "Ostara",

and encouraged with lectures of writers like Guido von List,

Karl Maria Wiligut (Himmler's highpriest of the SS) and Lanz Liebenfels,

Hitler's world view had been splitted more in good and evil.

The God-man world from Atlantis and their fall from the world of evil

had inspired him so that he'd been living in his own world.

The Christian-shaped "Thule-Gesellschaft" was part of the anti-Semitic

"Germanenorden" and identified themselves with the role of the world savior,

to free mankind from evil and took this claim as their crucial part of their

anti-Semitic doctrines. When this sect planned to free the world from Freemasonry

with World War II they thought that part of the prophecy was fulfilled.

The fracticidal war of the two priest castes of Atlantis

had been reignited with the Thule-Gesellschaft before the second World War.

The members thought they're the rebirth of the disciples of Christ

who lead the struggle for freedom against the Jewish loges.

However these souls of the Third Reich were another brotherhood of Babylon who had lost the power.

The brothers of Agahrti who had lost their last culture in Babylon against the Hebrew priests.

Therefore the Second World War was a continuation of the Atlantean fracticidal war and Karma

because the biggest secret is that the Jewish and Germanic people

came from a common Atlantean past.

Churchill and Roosevelt were the leaders of the Freemasonry

and Hitler the leader of the Thule-order and member of the New Templar order.

With the prophecy that the head of the serpant will be crushed with

the return of the Christ the violent destruction of

the Freemasons and Illuminatis were not meant with it but the return of

the inner cosmos, the so-called Christ-powers, the disempowerment of

the worldly forces through the overcoming of polarity in man.

When "the eagle has landed" there will be no more worldly forces because from now on

only the ascended conscious people will live who are affiliated with the inner truth.

The return of Christ is therefore the revelation of the planetary spirit

in man from where he's able to read the whole truth.

And so one can only guess that the apocalypse takes place for the most part

in the spirit of man and just one part happens outside.

The true children of light and disciples are to be born much later and

their tasks are more the healing of the earth with the overcoming of polarity.

The Thule-organization believed that the New Golden Age had already begun

and "Elias" and the souls from Atlantis would've been born to free the world from the dark forces.

Adolf Schickegruber aka Hitler, the "Enlighted", wanted to free the world from Satan.

In the past millions of scripts had been exterminated by fire, particularly in

Alexandria, Pergamum, Ephesos, Jerusalem, Babel, Persepolis, Isfahan,

Timbuktu, Aksum, America, India, Kambuja, and China.

The early advanced cultures had had a certain knowledge.

The survivors of the Great Flood

were caused to extraordinary acts in order to retain this knowledge.

Basically the mission of man on earth was a spiritual teaching.

"We should not lose ourselves in illusion of material greed or material ambition.

We should understand that material life offers to every single person the valuable

possibility to learn, to grow, to develop, to prepare the soul for immortality."

This doctrine does still exist and is encrypted in

astronomy, in the monuments, in the myths and in holy scriptures.

It is teached in churches, mosques, synagogues, mandirs, stupas and elsewhere.

The temple represents the cosmos.

In times of King Solomon the secret brotherhood of the architects of God's temple

were assigned by the messengers of the gods (the guardians, the 'Elohim')

to build the temple of God.

The Freemasons and Illuminators which means 'the inspired, the lighted',

former Templars, had the task to stall God's temple.

Within a century 80 cathedrals have been build in France.

The Temple of God is symbolically the Homo Sapiens who must be educated

so that man goes through every conceivable good and negative experience

and learn from them until he transcends his lower qualities one day.

The wars were methods to usher in new epochs. It's the Old Game

"When two people quarrel then the Third and his goals remain a secret".

This third force was able to entice everyone at the top level

in order to fulfill God's plan of creation.

These powers have financed all wars, all conspiracies, but also all human donations

and all government drafts of the western world

in order to give the souls the playground of experience.

So we can now understand what it means:

"I am the force that wants the Good and creates the Bad -

I am the force that wants the Bad and creates the Good."

(Goethe's critism of Adam Smith's capitalism)

Since Egypt all leaderships of western religions and systems of government

were initiated conditionally and helped to educate mankind.


The Great Flood had been documentated everywhere in the world.

The flood disaster triggered a migration of peoples that went to all directions.

People who lived at Mount Ararat, where Noah's ark came to rest,

have been expelled. It was a Diaspora.

This Exodus is an occurrence that is held in mythology and have found access over

Sumerian and Assyrian written records into the Old Testament and the story of Noah.

The end of the Flood as a beginning for the spreading of the people.

In the Bible God showed a rainbow as a sign of alliance with Noah.

Noah and his sons Ham, Yafet, Sem and their wives -

the thought of great migrations is carried on by them.

The ancestors of Yafet didn't go far and stayed in Minor Asia, Syria and Greece.

Sem's family settled further southerly in Palestine.

The ancestors of Ham moved farther to Egypt and Ethiopia along the Nile.


Part of the secret Atlantean knowledge had been brought from survivors to Egypt.

Another part to Tibet and India.

The first pharaos were direct descendants of the Atlanta

and their secret scripts of inauguration were inborn in Egyptian royal house.

So it was no wonder that Atlantean high technology had lead to the construction

of the Pyramids and the Ark of the Covenant.

Part of the Atlantean brotherhood had therefore survived with their traditions in Egypt.

The Hermetics and their secret knowledge came directly from this brotherhood.

They made use of age-old hidden recordings and archives from Atlantis.

Abraham, the eponym of the Abrahamic religions,

Pharao Echnaton the first ruler who said in 1349 BC there should only be One God,

Hermes Trismegistus, the author of the Hermetic Corpus,

Pythagóras, Ionian philosopher, mathematician, and founder

of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism, all of them have had a secret:

"The brotherhood of the Serpent". 


Platon describes in the dialogues "Timaios" and "Kritias" in 40,000 words

"Atlantis", a densely populated paradise in the Western ocean.

They talk about an earlier civilization, people of godlike beings

that lived 11,000 years ago before the warring civilization.

With the descent to the 3-dimensional structure they'd lost awareness of

universal unity. Polar consciousness took the start and more and more

difference came out in the people's consciousness and actions.

Consequently the priest castes defended their truths dogmatically.

Two brotherhoods came into being that were influenced by "Shambala and Agharti".

Together they're described as the brotherhood of the serpent.

Shambala was the seat of evocation.

Agharti was the seat of invocation.

Together they personify the universal body of contrasts.

Both brotherhoods in the outer world of course have regarded the other as

the dark side, the black magicians. The fight of polarities of this

brotherhood had reached its high point with World War II.

Both poles Sun (illuminar) and Moon (luminar) are facing each other and

they wrestle for the reign.

The Yellow Dragon in the East (Shambala) against the Red Dragon in the West (Agharta).

Though they only can transcend the polarity.

Whole cultures came into being under the mysterious lead and inspiration

of the brotherhood. They built the worldly temples and cities,

and God his temple for the people who achieve maturity through

the playing field of countless experiences.




The Mysteries

The human being and the planet itself have both 7 dimensions or bodies.

These 7 bodies are with 7 primary energy point gates, known as Chakras or sun gates,

the "gates of activation". These 7 "material Chakras" or "energy gates" were connected with

the psyche. The so-called "lords of Lumeria and Atlantis" knew of

the basic geomantic energy vortex. With the help of the Levitation technology

they'd build great pyramids on these energy places.

So around the world there are pyramids on the energy gates in order to mark these spots.

They are standing in the Jungle of the Amazon, in the plateaus of Mexico,

at the bottom of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, in the desert Taclamacan,

in China and many other places of the earth. Many of these pyramids were built subterranean.

The creation produces everything after the principle of duality. As there is a day and a night,

as there is a cosmic night of creation and a cosmic day of creation

existing in the evolution-plan of human development, the plan of creation.

The last cosmic night of creation has lasted 26,000 years.

In this cosmic night man was separated from his divine self.

The pyramids are seen as symbols of eternity.

They are the image of human evolution with the 4 dimensions.

Thatswhy the ending stones are missing on all four-sided pyramids.

Because this ending stone means: being One with the creator in the 5th dimension.

Thatswhy we have 5 senses, 5 fingers, because we're made for the 5th dimension.

Man should rise above it, as also Friedrich Nietzsche said among others.

The stone of completion of the four-sided pyramid of Gizeh is a symbol of

the creation situated in incarnation / anthropogenesis

of which the stone of completion, the fifth dimension (the time), is missing.

The high priests have used the pyramids as a temple of inauguration

because the energies inside the pyramids were so great that the consultation

with meditation have set the pupils to other dimensions of consciousness.

The pupil had been moved to a higher world together with his physical body and

his senses. In this way he was able to perceive the spiritual world.

The Pyramids have been used as natural dimension-gates for the entrances to the inner earth.

As there's an outer world as there's also an inner world in conditional polarity. 

"In little things as well as in big ones." - Hermes Trismegistus

So everything in the cosmos is also made after the same organizational concept.

So one could say: the earth is like a giant atom.

Hollow inside with a nucleus which obtains the inner sun. 

After Atlantis only few primitive people like the Indios at the Amazon or

the Hopis in North America have known of the entrances to giant underground cities.

Other scientists have researched for pole openings in the past century.

Hence the South Pole is the Head-Chakra of the earth and has got a huge opening.

The North Pole has got the Root-Chakra.

The first expedition was headed by Admiral Richard E. Byrd before World War 2.

The second expedition was managed by the secret society of the Thule-Gesellschaft

where the Nazis were plotting. Aswell the famous Akakor-expedition.

Admiral Byrd's last expedition, Operation Highjump (1946–1947),

was until then the greatest in the history of the Antarctic and at the same time

a US Navy maneuver with 4,700 men and 13 battleships

which was important for exploration and map of parts of Antarctica

for military purpose. However it was stopped early under loss of several planes within cargo. 

"In our traditional stories we have an anthropology or cosmology which connects

the people of this planet with other worlds.", Prof. Jim Hurtak says.

The Nazis were better informed on the basis of the secret esoteric orders

and had exact knowledge about the lost cities Agharti and Shambala.

They have searched with many expedition groups for the entrances to the inner world.

Some of the connections of the esoterists of the 19th century and the later

Drittes Reich were under the veil of the past.

So the connections can be uncovered only in places.

Adolf Hitler had spend lots of time with the esoterist Dietrich Eckardt

who knew all about this mysticism.

Both of them were supporters of the 'Hollow world'-theory by Hans Hürminger.

Eckhardt was the one who formed Hitler's philosophy decisively.

So Eckardt lead Hitler to medial education and showed him how to make

medial contacts with the spiritual world,

with the Germanic gods and the old people of Agharta.

So the 'leader' had been lead who had communicated with the spiritual world and

the lords of Agharta. Only when Hitler had developed this mediality

Eckardt had propagated the motive of a leader with the Thule-Gesellschaft

and the traditional esoteric communities. The "Vril-society" had paid attention

to the lost technology of the gods and their "driving power Vril".

When the Nationalsocialists came to power the esoterists

in that time began to build up their expeditions at public expense.


The first Maya-rulers are also considered as descendants from Atlantis.

The Maya and Inca of South America believed that

"big people" existed on earth before the Great Flood.

So did many other ancient civilizations. Some took them for gods,

others left likelinesses of them in stone or wrote about them in their chronicles.

Their text reveals, they knew, the earth was round.

When the Spanish ventured through the jungles of the Americas

in the 16th century they encountered many white skinned Indians

who told them that they were distant ancestors of a noble

and prosperous race who lived on a huge island in the ocean, of which a catastrophe destroyed.

Whispers of 'El Dorado' filled the air and many went in search of this "Lost city of Gold".

Researchers uncovered a hidden burial vault in the Amazon.

The uncovered mummies are known as the Chachapoyas, Cloud People,

the name given to them by the Incas.




The Myths



They say, the people have the power. We don't need politicians,

the politicians need us. That's the difference.

We don't need anyone who rules us. We are sovereign by nature.

God never said, you have a certain nationality and have to pay taxes.

At that time this was done very cleverly.

The old laws of jurisdiction were converted by the Romans.

One said, the Kings get an anonymity. "Anu" is originated from King Anu.

He has the authority or he is God. Man always has the principle of order.

The existence has a structure of six concentric circles. Circles that almost merge in each other.

The paradise is in the middle and the remaining universes are offside

in other dimensions. At present the earth is in the outer dimension.

The universes aren't expanding, they are going against each other.

The same way we represent a microcosm

we also have a deity in the macrocosm.

The love, without we wouldn't exist, is the highest principle of order.

The earth is an emotion-planet where young souls are able to collect experiences.

This was possible because the earth fell off its stirring and density.

The paradigma of reality today has nothing to do with logic.

In the financial world lots of money are caused with lots of sorrow.

On the one side wealth, on the other side death and hunger.

The most important questions are simply faded out since we only are to practise functionalities.

9/11 has been a shout for help from the dark powers.

Terrorism is to put the frighteners on the people in order to charge

the Morphogenetic field as negative as possible which definitively cannot happen anymore.

The earth is set daily to a higher swinging.

Everything what oscillates higher must have a higher consciousness as well.

Love is practically the highest pattern of oscillation.

Chaos is resulted as the darkness is lighted up with the light,

with the increase of oscillation that comes to Earth.

The restlessness which we have results partially because the dark powers

are coming to the surface and the peoples' perception are running contrary with reality.

When we think of something then it has a certain color

that combines with the Morphogenetic field.

The more positive it is the better the Morphogenetic field will be charged.

With the power of thought there's a chance that we set these stirrings

to a higher stirring and therefore are able to change or manipulate.


In order to make certain negative and positive experiences

the planet has dropped off in its density.

The earth had been sealed off because of their extremely negative effects

and influences over the Morphogenetic field. It has been a "planet in quarantine".

From there the planet has been secluded from higher spiritual powers

so that it can't influence the other beings in this universe.

This means: All the time our thoughts have got a power.

"If our thoughts are of negative nature they have caused damage

in the whole structure of the universe."

The developing circle in duality is over. God's exhalation moves on to inhalation,

the Alpha cycle begins, everything moves back to the source from which it comes from.

Man finishes the spiritual evolution and the parallel evolution of the material body.

Our grandfathers had left us behind this mystery in form of the Sphinx.

The descended spirit of the sun, also known as the Soul, bounded in the animalistic man,

had experienced through the reincarnation the crucifixion of the soul.

After the death of the animalistic man, which are symbolically the animalistic qualities of

the human ego, man will be reborn in spirit through the completion of his ego.

An individual crucifixion and resurrection until the planet experiences it as a Whole.

A wedding of Heaven and Earth. Before the Alpha cycle we have non-existent time

in which the origin itself enters in ourselves, and combines us with each other anew

so that we can feel that we're one mutual being.

The birth of a planetary consciousness, the neural link up of humanity to collective consciousness.

A quantum leap into the 7th dimension.

What the Sumerians have to say is mentioned over and over again,

it's that they were taught civilization by the Anunaki.

The Sumerians wrote down their history on clay tablets.

The Anunaki provided Ancient Sumerians with their method of counting

and with their extensive knowledge of the Solar system,

and built the Giant Pyramids as a sighting device for a prior pole shift.

The term Nibiru means "Planet of the crossing" (Planet X),

and it's cuneiform sign was often a cross, or various winged disc.

The Ancient tell us that Nibiru returns every 3,600 years.

These writings speak about these beings that came from this planet.

The text basically tells us that extraterrestrial beings came from space

400,000 years ago and landed in the valley of Tigris and Euphrat.

In a time when they needed workers for their goldmines

they used genetic engineering and they produced "Hybrids".

The Elohim are from Mars, the star system Pleiades, and the star Sirius.

They set up a colony that they called "Eden".

The Elohim have interbred with humans and traveled with them to the stars.

Sumerian text coincides with "the book of Genesis".

Several hundred thousand years later when the Elohim came back 

they found the earth's females irresistibly attractive.

In the Bible these Elohim who remained on Earth are described as "Fallen Angels" - the Nephilim.

According to the Ancient Greek text Atlantis was founded by Poseidon

as a home in safety for his new family on Earth. 

In the first book of Paul to the Jewish-Greek Corinthians it says:

"The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven.

As was the earthly man, so are those who are of the earth;

and as is the heavenly man, so also are those who are of heaven.

According to the Akashic Chronicles in mystical literature which is what Nicola Tesla,

among others, was concerned with by the way, mankind has allegedly its origin on

a sea-planet in the solar system Vega. For the first time they have had contact there with

other extraterrestrials who are of "reptile" origin. This means: The reptiles have another form

of thinking and living. (Lizzy, what's good! 啊)

They do not have a body of emotion, an energy field, that surrounds us.

They still had a fine material nature.

From that point on mankind has been migrating to our solar system.

Part of mankind came over Orion, over the Pleiades.

The Asteroid Belt came into being through a planet collision.

In the time of colonizations there has been many wars.


The Pyramids are not coincidentally oriented to the Orion.

The structure of man is attributed to the reptiles.

On Vega there has been a crossing between mankind and reptiles

from which finally the Anunaki have come into being.

The Anunaki can be found in the cuneiform scripts of the old Sumerians.

The Nephilim who came from the sky are described there.

They pretended to be gods and to be the founders of this Sumerian civilization.

The Anunaki who so to speak have been the dark, merciless overlords

of the people on Earth went to the light in the end since the Messiah.

At that time the Anunakis have mastered the manipulation of man 5,500 years ago.

We have taken over the principles of the Anunaki almost completely.

"Who manage to force his intention to others will receive attention."

We know from Freemasons that the Illuminators adhere to these principles.

The Anunakis are missing the body of emotion.

The body of emotion is the "transporter of our Soul" that transports us

to the next cycle and further and far until we ourselves are close to God.

With the body of emotion we realize through our feelings

that we all belong together. With this strenght one can feel what others feel.

The Anunaki didn't have this spirituality despite of their high technology.

Hence we are more affiliated with God. We do have a higher connection

in order to rise, to live with full awareness and to be mighty with love.

The Anunaki have tried to cut off man from our highest self, our regaining.

Atlantis went down in a galactic war.

One has tried shortly before to manipulate the people completely

so that they didn't see a chance of getting out of this darkness.

With it the Anunaki have brought down Atlantis.

Since the sinking of Atlantis the Anunaki have practically tried to detain the people with fear.

Right away there are many beings here who have made their cosmic schooling

in an older past - as countermeasure in purpose to accomplish the ascent.

So there are even people here who have gone through their normal evolution

but have been partially dropped completely through the manipulation,

and there are people who attain the rise through the Morphogenetic field.

Nowadays people are teached: "Search the luck outside not inside."

One wants to control the people simply with money.


8,000 year old Sanskrit text tell us: there are 400,000 human life species

scattered through out the cosmos - in different solar systems and even in different dimensions.

"Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.’

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him;

male and female He created them."

The mystery in the book of Genesis 1:26 can be unveiled in the words "God" and “image".

God was speaking to His heavenly host - His Angels and magistrates.

The creative myths of the divine hierarchy were no secret

for the high vibrational supralight-matter-bodies of the perfect human being.

The 'confederation' knew that a planet like the Earth contains an inner Logos, of which consciousness

incarnate one's various group-souls for the anthropogenesis / incarnation in different ages.

According to the stage of development of a prevailing age

human souls become the embodiment in purpose to continue their development.

They chosed very special experiences in thousands of incarnations

until they have reached their perfection in being human.

The federation had initially built their cities/corporations inside the earth.

The Garden Eden / Agharta came into being.

All humanoid groups have brought their genetic material, plant and animal species

to the earth in order to usher in this biological Genesis.

In plan of creation of the cosmic Father this Earth was envisaged

as a suitable living space planetarium, to create a universal humanoid

which trancends all cosmic polarities and different climatic zones in a planetarium.

Up to this time there were various non-humanoid groups in the development of the souls.

The difference was so big that the souls have had difficulties

to re-incarnate in bodies of other star systems.

So the cosmic intention decided a new experimental zone of creation

which united again all souls in one universal body in the synthesis.

The galactic confederation and their executive, the so-called "space brothers of light"

had come to earth in order to initiate a new type of human and a planetary pregnancy.

They created man after their image and helped to improve man genetically.

Everything went systematically until the "fall of the angels".

Two mankinds were living on the planetarium Earth.

The immortal, physically etheric mankind inside the earth who guarded the creation and their evolution.

The mortal creations who develop self-cleaned through reincarnation into personhood.

With the evolution guardians there was a seeming high-handedness.

The earthly kings brought the women as a present to the gods

Some succumbed to temptation. For the Elohim this was the only prohibition.

They gave up their status of impartiality and immortality

and were banished from inside the earth, the Garden Eden / Agharta.

From then on their eternal youth fell (they were androgynous) into time.

The inner closed cosmos of a perfect man fell prey to separation

through amalgamation of the soul and corporeal personality.

Through there they were banished to relegation on a repeated incarnation / anthropogenesis. 

The Anunakis from Nibiru came to the Sumerians at 3,500 BC.

Beforehand the humans of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars

have founded their colonies on Earth which are known as Lumeria, Atlantis,

Aztecs and Egypt, and on all dimensions, paramount to the physical,

that administer the astral, mental, causal, etheric and soul bodies.

There are giant universes which exist parallel to the physical universe.

In other words: These are astral dimensions, absolute duplicates of places

here on earth, just like on Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

In Egyptian mythology the land of the pharaoh is to be the mirror image of the empire of Osiris.

In all the different dimensions which are physically paramount

there are copied societies, planets, whole solar systems and everything

physically existing in higher dimensions, until one comes into the level or dimension of existence

where there's no reference to the physical.

This is a crossing which is known as the etheric level.

And if one passes into the etheric level one leaves behind

all connections, identifications with the physical.


During the reign of a dark age, the age of separation, all the delivered knowledge is cramed in.

Religion has its meaning in the Temple of God,

in deep-down communication with his lowest and highest self inside.

Through out the dark age countless fallen solar cosmologies,

dogmatic religious persuasions, had come to earth that are now our religions,

and constitutes the high point of its seperated being.

God's channels, prophets, media have only received their message from

a seperated dimension created by God. Most of the time the pure messages

were mixed with information from the astral world and their own ego.

There are as many truths and religions as there are worlds and heavens of polarity

and stages of development in the cosmos and its various dimensions.

Every social structure, which serves the power of the lobbies

instead the people, is a splitting and at the end of the day it will reorganize itself or fall apart.

All knowledge without love is a seperation from being.

While the old agenda of the dark age is coming to a stop

with the preparers, the old light workers, the Illuminati,

and their plans of world dictatorship to rule the world over the capital

which declines with the earth changes, the new light workers are already incarnated

in order to lead humanity to a new Golden Age.

The Dark Age was the birth of the ego, the human own will, the patriarchy.


The 3rd dimension has been prefaced by a pole leap.

The magnetic grid of the earth has been disturbed and whole countries were sunken.

Before this great flood the wise men had get to safety the knowledge of mankind

at that time into the pyramids. They didn't preserve documents

but built the pyramids with mathematical precision in one universal language

that can be decoded only when mankind leaves the cycle of the 3rd dimension

and returns to the 4th and then to the 5th dimension.

The wise men had warned of the great catastrophy and sended the chosen

to other countries in order to be the light for mankind on the journey of oblivion.

So today we still find artefacts and reports of this unimaginable civilization

and their intellectual and spiritual knowledgein the myths of old people.

They prophesied that they only return when mankind have lived through the dark age.

They come back when love, wisdom and power are united again.

During this deep phase even the extraterretrials with their higher consciousness

were able to be active only as observers and guardians of the evolution.

Partly they flew back to their planets like the inner Venus and the Pleiades.

Some of them moved back to subterranean cities,

to the inner dimension of the hollow earth, that were called "Shambala, Eden, Agharti".

The outer planet was polarized negatively through the pole leap.

So the inner world Agharta, which means Garden Eden,

was separated from the exterior world.

The exterior man was symbolically driven out of paradise.

The entrances to the legendary Cities of Gold were sealed

with barriers of time, consciousness and gravitation.

The "moon-master", the custodians of the magnetic grid of the Earth,

had been living in Agharti and they represent the opposite pole,

the spiritual Alpha-forces. They either work together with

the "144,000 masters of light" and are the "custodians of the Grail",

the Sacral and Intergral powers of the inner cosmos.

The Sacral are the 7 energies which is pouring forth organically and

anorganically in form of the 7 Chakras of the Earth and all creatures

as the spirit into matter and manifest itself as God's building plan

for the world ages. The master of the moon are the cosmic female powers,

the inner power of the soul. During the last 26,000 years the "7 wisemen

of Atlantis", the "Kumaras", had been moving back to Agharti.

They formed the negative pole of the earth and described the counterbalance.

All social power systems were lead by the brotherhood of the serpant

that on the other hand was inspired by

intellectual and extraterrestrial powers of the guardians.

In a word, everyone who ever have strived for power and reign,

if monarchy, capitalism or communism, were and will be mentally influenced

by the 'hierarchy of the sun' during the dark age

and represents materially bounded 'masculine powers'.

The perfect souls of the next cycle have unified the sun and the moon

which is symbolically the golden age, the wedding of spirit and matter.

The amalgamation of ego and soul in one human leads back to immortality.

In the future the "galactic human" will stroll on Earth.